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US and Senegalese Investments in Family Planning Are Paying Off

In Francophone West Africa, acceptance of family planning and use of modern contraception has been increasing ove

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How To Let GSM Serve The People That Other Networks Can’t Reach

Mobile telephony has transformed access to communication in emerging markets.  In 1994, there were more telephone lines in New York City than in the whole of Africa.  These days, about two thirds of the population in sub-Saharan Africa is covered by a mobile phone signal.  That’s an amazing and profound change yet there are still millions of people who don’t have access to mobile networks.

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World Health Worker Week 2015: A Catalyst for Further Advocacy

Last week, diverse organizations came together to honor the heroic and lifesaving work of frontline health workers in their communities and beyond, and advocate for health workforce strengthening to be a central priority in the global health

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8 Considerations for Better Mobile Learning Solutions for Women


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Using the Internet to connect students and teachers around the world for 'virtual exchanges'

technology at the middle of a human connection

technology at the middle

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What We Learned From V3 Testing, and How We’ve Responded

As Sharon outlined in her great post last week, we have completed our first round of user testing on Ushahidi V3. We tested key interactions on pages from the Pattern Library with users of varying levels of Ushahidi experience.

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Zero-Rating, Net Neutrality, and the Regulatory Toolbox

The tools available to communication regulators to ensure a fair, competitive market fall into two broad categories.  The first category is the ability to incentivise more competition and better behaviour in general.  This can happen through lowering the barriers to market entry, through opening up new means of service delivery, etc.

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Lets look back - Forum outcomes 2013 - Strengthening e-Agriculture Strategies in ACP Countries

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ICT Observatory 2013: Strengthening e-Agriculture Strategies in ACP Countries

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Catching the Wave: Family Planning is Taking Off in West Africa

“In Mali, at a family planning clinic, I saw a woman who couldn't afford the services so the clinic staff were sending her home. I said to the staff, ‘Do you have a sliding scale [for paying the fee]? She's poor. She needs this.

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Developing countries helped to achieve universal access through use of shared infrastructure

15 April 2015
(APC for APCNews)

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Measurement and Accountability for Results in Health (MA4Health) Summit

Event Date: 
June 2015

June 9–11, 2015Measurement and Accountability for Results in Health (MA4Health) Summit

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"What is the Global Conference on Cyberspace?" FAQs on the GCCS, The Hague, 16-17 April 2015

The fourth Global Conference on Cyberspace (GCCS2015) will take place in The Hague from 16-17 April 2015.

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You Are Invited to Participate and Present at ICTforAg on June 3rd


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The Civic Statuary Project

The University of Cape Town removed a controversial statue of British colonialist Cecil Rhodes last week, after a month of student protests.

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Satellite data to better monitor forest resources

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As Ebola Resurges in Guinea, So Do Government Efforts to Quash It

Last month, one year after the Ebola outbreak began in West Africa, I traveled to Guinea.Apart from the routine screening for travelers with high temperatures, there was nothing in the arrival area of the Conakry airport to indicate an Ebola

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Breaking Bread Together: tackling social isolation & hunger with food waste

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Now that there's a Baltic Data Highway, when will we have one for the Balkans?

Photo credit: Data Logistics Center
In Jan

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Publishing and the art of iteration

Eighteen months ago, “The Rise of the Reluctant Innovator” hit the shelves. The product of a combination of donations, crowdfunding, ten inspiring innovators, an editor with too much time on his hands, and an engaged publisher, the book was always something of an experiment.

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