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Why BIG Data Matters for Lower Mekong Countries


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“We need to avoid a situation where the DNS is used to police content”: A conversation with ICANN's Rafik Dammak

2 July 2015
(Flavia Fascendini for APCNews)

APC attended the 53rd meeting of the International Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers

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APC hosts “open web” advocate for 2015 Ford-Mozilla fellowship

2 July 2015
(Mallory Knodel for APCNews)

APC will host Andrea Del Río, a participant in the 2015 Open Web Fellows programme, which is an i

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Ushahidi v3.0.0.0-beta.20 release! It’s live!

We’ve just rolled out Ushahidi v3.0.0.0-beta.20, with more new features and improvements following our last release.

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WSIS+10: APC's statement on 'The way forward: Harnessing information and communications technologies for development'

2 July 2015
(APC for APCNews)

Much still needs to be done to realise the WSIS goal of a “people-centered, inclusive and development-oriented Information Society”, where everyone can create, access, use and share information to fully promote sustainable development and improve their qualit

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Nairobi will gather the ICT world of the Commonwealth

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ICT uptake and usage in agricultural value chains in the Caribbean

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IREX Announces 4th Annual Photo Contest Winners

IREX congratulates the four winners of the 4th annual Make a Better World Photo Contest!

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Advice to a Younger Me: Marcus Noel, Heart of Man

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3 Steps to Implement USAID Open Data Policy ADS 579


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Digital IDs: A powerful platform for enhanced service delivery across all sectors

Lack of personal official identification (ID) prevents people from fully exercising their rights and isolates them socially and economically — voting, legal action, receipt of government benefits, banking, and borrowing are all virtually closed off.

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Making a new ending

Exactly two-and-a-half years ago I sat on the Unreasonable at Sea ship, docked in Ho Chi Minh City, planning next steps in a life and career that’s taken me from programming Commodore PET computers, running primate sanctuaries and deve

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Farm Radio International wins WSIS 2015 Prize for innovation in the field of ICTS

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One Million Bones: The Road to Srebrenica, Bosnia-Herzegovina

 One Million BonesNational Mall in Washington D.C. Photo credit: One Million Bones and used with permission.

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Bloudin Creative Leadership Summit

(New York, USA) Global Pulse director Robert Kirkpatrick will be a panellist at a session on Corporate Data Sharing for the Public Good, alongside Dr. Stefaan Verhulst, Co-Founder of the NYU GovLab (Moderator) and Mr.

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Data for Good Exchange 2015

(New York, USA) This workshop builds on Bloomberg's Data for Good Exchange, sharing success stories, challenges, and visions for the future of

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If Ebola Comes, Kenya Will Be Ready

When Ebola hits a country, there’s no time to ”develop the health system” or ”build capacity,“ two terms that those of us working in global health toss around a lot.

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Working on a secure access to ICT for agriculture and other sectors.

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Does Technology Make Monitoring and Evaluation More or Less Efficient?


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Blog Competition: ICTs in Nepalese Agriculture

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